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The short version:
Meg has been dreaming for many years about starting her own food-based business. She and her family moved to Connecticut about three years ago. Since CT is the Nutmeg State, her name is in the word, her family has a spectacular antique nutmeg grinder that she used to love to use when she was a little girl, Nutmeg Kitchen just made sense!
The longer version:
Megan has been passionate about good, quality food for as long as she can remember. During a ten year career in advertising and media, she felt a strong calling for something more and decided to attend culinary school at night. After successfully completing her training at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC with a focus on Pastry and Baking Arts, Meg fulfilled her externship at Union Square Cafe. Fast forward many years, a marriage and three kids, and she is ready to follow her heart and launch her own culinary company: Nutmeg Kitchen. 
After seeing how well her own children respond to helping out in the kitchen, how engaged they and their friends are with cooking competitions, and being heavily invested in establishing healthy habits early on, Meg felt it was time to put her training and skills to good use. Nutmeg Kitchen launched with a series of summer cooking classes for kids in 2017. Meg followed those up with cooking classes at a local preschool. She has been working on custom orders for local clients and is hoping to expand this side of her business.
While her training utilized traditional ingredients like white flour and white sugar, Meg prefers working with healthier, whole-food, organic ingredients. She loves to test gluten-free, raw, vegan, and paleo recipes that are just as delicious as their conventional counterparts, only better for you. 
We hope you enjoy what Nutmeg Kitchen has to offer you and your children and we hope you will watch this space to see how we grow.
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